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Welcome to Virtual Tours of Scotland, thank you for dropping by. This site contains two catalogues of virtual tours that you can purchase to watch; we have live scheduled virtual tours delivered at a set time via Zoom. Then we have a catalogue of similar tours that are available for you to rent and watch at a time  that suits you.

Virtual Tours of Scotland is brought to you by Tour the Scottish Highlands Ltd. which is owned and run by Andrew and Diane Nicholson (aka Andy & Di).

Best known for our Outlander-themed small group minibus tours, during lock down in 2020, we started to develop and deliver high quality virtual tours. These have been very well received and viewed by more than 2000 people from all around the world.

Based on the success of these tours, connecting people to Scotland and its history and the constant demand for new content, we have continued to develop new virtual tours of Scotland and in mid-2021 we launched this Virtual Tours of Scotland website.

Below, you will see a brief summary of the virtual tours that we offer. You can click on each of them find out more. Or, use the following links, or the menu options above, to browse our two catalogues of scheduled live (Zoom) or video-on-demand (VoD) pre-recorded Virtual Tours of Scotland.


Silent Stories from the Loch - bridge
Silent Stories from the Loch
Silent Stories from the Loch is an emotional journey into the history, the experiences, the lives, loves and hearts of the people who lived in one remote part of the Scottish Highlands close to Loch Ness. On this Virtual Tour, we’ll be sharing over 50 Silent Stories and locations from this, the quieter side of the Loch, as we take you on a very visual tour through this breathtakingly beautiful part of the Highlands. This tour next takes place on...
Whisky 101 (Dalmore)
Whisky 101 – An Introduction to Scotch Whisky, Scottish Distilleries and Distilling
Whisky 101 is a two hour comprehensive introduction to, and overview of, Scotch whisky. This Virtual Tour introduces the different types and styles of whisky, the different Scottish whisky regions and the ingredients and production of Scotch. This live tour next takes place on Thursday 30th December 2021 at 6.30pm UK/SCOTTISH time. We also have a recorded version of this tour which is available on a 48 hour rental on our video-on-demand (VoD) channel.
A Journey through 18th Century Scotland
A Journey Through 18th Century Scotland
On this sequel to our hugely popular Virtual Tour of 1740’s Scotland - we take you on an amazing tour of 20 more historic locations. Starting in the West Highlands, we travel the length of Scotland to the East Coast, then South through the Lowlands, finally visiting 18th century Edinburgh itself. This two-hour tour is delivered once again by our very own Diane Nicholson. As with the 1740s tour, we show you the location as it is today and as...
Virtual Tour of 1740s Scotland
Virtual Tour of 1740’s Scotland
Diane Nicholson will be hosting this live Virtual Tour of 1740’s Scotland, which will take you back in time to visit 17 historic 18th Century (and older) locations. For each location we will show you the historic map location from the 1740s, and then we’ll take you on a virtual tour of that location today. Using a combination of videos and photos, you’ll see how much, or in many cases, how little these places have actually changed over the last...


Hi, we are Andrew and Diane Nicholson, tour guides based in Culloden, near Inverness in the Bonnie Highlands of Scotland. Our passion is learning about and sharing ‘all things Scotland’ with our tour clients and online audience. We do this through our minibus tours and online tours, as well as our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. We are well known for our Outlander Tours (#OutlanderPastLives), photography, live videos and drone footage.

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