Meet the Jacobite Virtual Tour (coming soon)

This updated tour now lasts 2 hours and is packed full of history and Jacobean culture and traditions. Learn who the Jacobites were, the cause for which they rose up and how they lived, dressed and fought.

Andy ‘The Jacobite’ shares with you our extensive collection of 18th century weapons whcih includes many authentic replicas and also a genuine antique Lochaber Axe and a canonball and musket shot from the 18th century. We also show you our expertly handcrafted replica Targe signed by one of the most prominent Clan Chiefs in the Highlands – based on the one that his forefather took into the Battle of Culloden.

You’ll discover how and what the Jacobites ate, how their society was structure and how a musket shot was made. You will see how the Jacobite kilt – also known as a Great Kilt or Feileadh Mor – was put on and worn. Then learn, piece by piece, how the weapons of the 1745 Uprising were used in battle and worn upon the kilt.

Meet the Jacobite Virtual Tour

Your Jacobean tour guide for this tour is Andrew Nicholson. Andy loves wearing his kilts, especially his féileadh-mór, which is Gaelic for ‘giant kilt’ as worn by many of the 18th-century Jacobites.

Using his market research skills and interest in 18th century Scottish history, Andy has compiled a great deal of knowledge about the Jacobites and also a great collection of replica weapons, plus some antiques and originals from the era too.

You can read more about Andy on our About Us page.

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Meet the Jacobite Virtual Tour (coming soon)
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