Fáilte WeeBox Clan

“We are Andrew and Diane Nicholson,
tours guides from the Highlands of
Scotland. We are delighted to be able to
include some of our virtual tours and
special offers inside your WeeBox. We
hope you love them as much as we did
creating them!”

Join us this month for a dawn walk around the 4000 year old Clava Cairns as part of your May ‘Outlander-themed’ WeeBox experience.

These stone cairns and standing stones are close to where the Battle of Culloden took place and are right where Jamie sent Claire back through the stones just prior to the battle in Outlander.

Andrew, Diane and WeeBox

Use this link or click on the image above to view this video on the OutlanderPastLives YouTube channel. Please subscribe to the channel.

If you are a fan of Outlander, then you are probably also a fan of Clanlands and ‘Men in Kilts‘. Read Andrew Nicholson’s two-part blog post all about the historic Scottish locations featured throughout ‘Men in Kilts’ season one.

As an Outlander fan and WeeBox subscriber, you can take advantage of a generous 50% discount to watch Diane’s unique virtual tour relating to Outlander locations.

The Virtual Tour of 1740’s Scotland features:

  • Eight well-known Outlander filming locations based around Fife, near Edinburgh.
  • Seven Outlander book locations, based around Inverness and the Highlands.
  • One historic location, involved in the 1745
  • Jacobite Uprising.
  • An extra, very special location for Outlander fans.

Use this link and enter the code WEEBOX1740 to obtain your 50% discount on the 24 hour rental.

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